Name a site you go to that's cool.

If you have something so weird, strange or off-topic to post and think it doesn't belong in any other forum; you're probably right. Please put all your gormless, half-baked, inane, glaikit ideas in here. This might also be a place where we throw threads that appear elsewhere that don't belong ANYWHERE end up, instead of having to flush them. FORUM RULES STILL APPLY.
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Name a site you go to that's cool.

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It is a forum I suggested some tips from to the mods here awhile back. Registration is required to view the forum. It is full of NSFW shit and has some pretty epic threads. You can find me over there with my Bill O'reilly avatar in the "ask a gay guy anything" thread.

SEO gay Cambodia gay Joe Rogan, Utopia Asia, gay friendly places and last but not least gavin mac released from prison early. Pardoned by the King as he had only groped a waitress.

So if you know of a site you go to a lot and is even slightly entertaining then name it here.

GM and OD should at least sign up to see what I mean.
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