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ali baba wrote: Can't you just take my word for it? I'm not lazy to post contributions unless they'll be arbitrarily deleted.

Now get off my tits!
Ok, ok! You're being more than fair. You're a good sport, and have always come off as an honest dude, so it's plan rude of me to accuse otherwise!

Officially off your tits! ! !
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When I was active in 09/10, the amount of abuses that I received really riled me up, luckily the good NZ beer helped me to cool down and the school assignments got me occupied. To be honest, I never had any run in postings situation with KiR. But after reading through numerous of pages in the Speakeasy -- the way he treated Dave (a former Broken Brick owner) and Koastal whom he used to call friends and outed them. I knew I had to distance myself.

Oh in term of the bike KiR wanted to buy for his ex gf, it was a Scoopy...he posted publicly, I think it turned sour. I laughed when he said he rescued Bubble T using his prominent local contacts. He was recently married right? If he keep up with the attitude, his relationship will certainly last!

Here is my beef with him. He said publicly when he was bitter from the previous job telling everyone don't work for the FUCKING khmers! Whom provided him job since his arrival to the Kingdom...poor working condition and management when moving to a country like in Cambodia is to be expected. And his gay bro in arms, the Playboy calling the local names from rice wogs, brown people and other colorful adjectives. Granted, if they were handsome and stand out from the crowd; but these guys would hardly be noticed when walking through the aisle of a supermarket in the West.
flying chicken
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Post by flying chicken »

While I am at it, I cringed whenever reading posters comparing and compete between the 2 sites. Melodrama at its best.
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I wonder if the new owner insisted on it being a condition of sale that the previous owner no longer posted on the board. It would be more dignified an exit than being banned a month down the line for continual rude and insulting posts.
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Post by OrangeDragon »

Dara wrote:And for the T shirts.........

K440 (He's gone now)
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Post by Rama »

OrangeDragon wrote: And wow... no thread on 440 notifying his users yet? Telling your twitter friends before your user base... classy.

Plus, the 1st paragraph in his announcement on #K440 is identical (cut & pasted) from his tweets. Including leaving in the hashtag.
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General Mackevili wrote:
StroppyChops wrote:
I remember getting permabanned about the time of my first post to CEO, on the excuse that I 'must be cambod' - as we had similar IP addresses. When I queried it, I was called some interesting things in PM, and those PMs mysteriously disappeared when the sale of 440 was being considered. I finished kindergarten a few years ago, but this gave me some interesting flashbacks...
Thanks for that. And you're not the only one to have similar experiences. There are others too.

Again, I'm not claiming that anyone actually got a message saying, "Sorry, we've had to delete your account because you signed up to CEO, you twatflannel," but "Bendix" is just being silly if he really thinks this hasn't happened.

The only reason I won't engage him is because he regularly comes on here and claims things that are completely wrong, then says, "well, I didn't know that..", etc. :facepalm:

I'm almost an example! After I told him what the Dragon and I were up to, he offered me a position as moderator to stop, when I turned down his offer he banned me and has cut off all communication with me, so I don't see why Bendix thinks it to be so far fetched that the same guy would ban people simply for signing up to the biggest competition he's ever faced, and which had led to the humiliating forced sale of his beloved K440.

Anyways, like I've said, this is great news for EVERYONE involved! !

I'm not claiming anything, GM. You're the one making the claim so to refuse to answer a simple question and back up your claims just adds weight to the fact you're being disingenuous at best, or outright dishonest at worst. I'm simply asking you to enlighten me and everyone else and set the record straight.

It's getting embarassing to watch you wriggle out of it. I suspect others think the same, but aren't saying it. You made a bold hyperbolic statement - perhaps in the rush of excitement over the sale of 440 - and I'd be interested to know more about it, for obvious reasons. If people have been banned from 440 for joining CE0, then something can be done about it. It's patently wrong.

Stroppychops has obviously not been permabanned. He is online on 440 as I type this.

As far as I know, there are at least three 440 mods who post on CEO, one using their 440 handle and two who use barely disguised handles. With the exception of yourself and OD, your two largest posters are members on 440, and one is the all time biggest poster there. Dozens more posters happily enjoy both forums.

I'm genuinely intrigued bemused by your claim, and I'm not pressing you to be aggressive. I really am trying to think who you might be referring to. I could, of course, go back and check the records of everyone who has been banned / deactivated / deleted etc since the fun little community you have here started and look myself (in fact, I might do that in an idle moment today . . . ) but I thought if you're so sure of the claim, you could save me the trouble.

From memory the key bannings that are DetroitMuscle and The AddJay, both for very specific and personal insults posted on the forum. James Ricketson was banned in early July for his persistent misuse of 440 to highlight a personal vendetta against Scott Neeson, and for starting a thread which named a member of admin in the title. scobienz banned catonceagain, and the reason was clearly posted. nightmare believer and ricecakes are temporarily sinbinned currently (the former for too long if you want my opinion, but there you go). Garry Crabtree was inadvertently banned when an IP ban address was issued. He is more than welcome to post there, and his account (inadvertently deactivated) is reactivated.

I'm struggling to think of others - you seem in the know, so perhaps you could share your information.

Of course there have been other bannings. Spammers etc are banned regularly: 440's traffic means it is a target for such things, hence the reason a new poster's first five posts are mod-previewed. The only other bans I can think of occurred when cambod set up accounts and was found to be PM-ing 440 members, encouraging them to join here.
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Post by Satiated Parrot »

Why was ricecakes sinbinned?
Jaap N.
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Post by Jaap N. »

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Post by Garry.Crabtree »

Banned or not banned who gives a shit. Bendix you've lost your website as the owner sold it from under you. You, the other mods, and the posters, weren't consulted and have been given no information as to the future of the site.

Good luck spinning your stories but you are officially now history and CEO is the future.

Oh and by the way the rumour on the street is that Expat Advisory Service bought you out which makes sense to me but not for you.
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