Feeling "Hangry" ? Why hunger makes you grumpy.

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Feeling "Hangry" ? Why hunger makes you grumpy.

Post by Anchor Moy » Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:12 am

Do you get "hangry" ? If so please eat before you reply :stir:

Have you ever snapped angrily at someone when you were hungry? Or has someone snapped angrily at you when they were hungry? If so, you’ve experienced “hangry” (an amalgam of hungry and angry) – the phenomenon whereby some people get grumpy and short-tempered when they’re overdue for a feed.

But where does hanger come from? And why is it that only some people seem to get hangry? The answer lies in some of the processes that happen inside your body when it needs food.
Another thing that can become more difficult when you’re hungry is behaving within socially acceptable norms, such as not snapping at people. So while you may be able to conjure up enough brain power to avoid being grumpy with important colleagues, you may let your guard down and inadvertently snap at the people you are most relaxed with or care most about, such as partners and friends. Sound familiar?
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A final – and very civilised – way of handling hanger is to suggest that difficult situations be dealt with after food, not before!
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This has made me hungry :(
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Re: Feeling "Hangry" ? Why hunger makes you grumpy.

Post by Jamie_Lambo » Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:21 am

This i can relate to a lot when im dieting for fights, it makes you a grumpy shit 95% of the time starving to make the weight, stress levels are highier as well, feel sorry for my family sometimes when i get snappy haha
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