Differentiating CEO from something else

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Re: Differentiating CEO from something else

Post by EdinWigan »

Dara wrote:
EdinWigan wrote:
nightmare.believer wrote:This site should be a kinder, gentler version of something else. Don't be an asshole, don't be a dickhead, don't (TRY TO) be funny if you are just half amusing and working on a premise of stupid puns are amusing to other readers. I believed in this site, and have spent time putting up content in the belief that I wouldn't be told to fuck off for asking about something or made to feel like an asshole. But this site has turned into a shadow of something else rather than something better than it, which it surely should become. What do you want to be: derivative or unique?
I like to pride myself in being someone who will listen to others point of view, even if that view totally opposes mine. I think that this is a good and mature way to think and respond. It has proven, over time, to correct some of my own thinking and I will be honest, has altered my perspective on more than one occasion.

If I am honest, and I really am not, I went back to read some of my posts and, well to be honest, there seems to be little of real merit, IMHO.

You really are not honest, are you, Eddy.
I was going to teach you something that is in your area
of interest. (Assuming that medical treatments are in your
area of interest, although you could just be considered a scammer
making money off fake "safety courses".)

But you offer up a second hand insult from a k440 dimwit.

Yet again , you just reply with insults, based on nothing other than your own strange mind and STILL do not take the opportunity, as invited to tell us all how this is possible.

The original thread was about coming across something on the street, this is clearly First Aid, not 'Medical Treatments'

You have been given the opportunity on both K440 and CEO, to enlighten us but still you fail to do so.

Lots of people asked you there, you ignored them.

I thought you might have issues with me, now I just think you have issues.
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Re: Differentiating CEO from something else

Post by vladimir »

Dara, I think you should do two things:

1. Drop this on here

2. Give the valuable knowledge you have to everybody/the medicare industry and save millions of epileptics pain and suffering.

I apologise for raising this, I did not know Florida was on here, but as he outed himself...
Jesus loves you...Mexico is great, right? ;)
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