Peking duck & roast pork in Shv

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Peking duck & roast pork in Shv

Postby cptrelentless » Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:31 pm

Name: Zhong Guo Yui Gue Qu Mei Shin
Address: Sereypheap St, Sihanoukville, 18000
Telephone: ?

Quick shill for my Chinese friends' restaurant on Sereypheap St, next door to Paris hairdressers - they are doing Peking Duck and Roasted Pork, plus other stuff. Opening night do was last night, food was pretty damned good, they have the full kit, so big industrial roasters and the works. Duck meat was very nice, tender, I believe she's importing it and not using the chewy local lumps. We had a big Tom Yung fish soup, the duck, spicy cucumber rolls, those black mushrooms I left for the wife to eat and some watermelon to finish with. Mei's the one who does the cooking, looks a bit dikey, Young-Young is the chatty host. They have another bar called You and Me further up the street which also does food. So finally some Chinese food in SHV worth eating.

EDIT - I will eventually get the name right
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