Magic Dunce Cap

For the bad children. Now stand there and think about what you've done!
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Magic Dunce Cap

Postby 0to60 » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:41 pm" onclick=";return false;

It’s Your Civic Duty!
Democrats, moderate republicans, libertarians, independents, and all other critical thinking citizens, speak out now!!! Help the USA get back on the right (correct) side of history and help preserve the two-party system!

Some Friends and Family Still OUTFOXED?
Give to those special folks who still remain in a state of confusion and denial, especially those trapped in the bizarre world of talk radio.

Guaranteed Results!!!
When logic, reason, and even facts have all failed ~ why not try magic? If used as directed, this product can turn even a ditto-head into an enlightened and responsible voter.

Can Be Sent Anonymously!
Your gift of hope and newfound 'freedom of thought' can be your little secret. We will mail the dunce cap to the people of your choosing. Then watch with glee and pride as your loved one’s conversation gradually becomes more pleasant and intellectually stimulating!

Seymour Kleerly


Here a just a few of the thousands of letters we’ve received from satisfied recipients of the Magic Dunce Cap…thanks to friends like you!

Too bad there was no Magic Dunce Cap before the 2000 election, I would have voted differently. Sorry Uncle Sam, it won't happen again!

Seymour Kleerly
Akron, Ohio

I wore my new Dunce Cap for 10 days and was amazed at how most people held very different views than me. Still, everyone was quite understanding and even made me feel special.

Albie Darned
Fairbanks, Alaska

How can FOX news and talk radio get away with this?? The more I understand, the madder I get! Liberals are NOT the enemy!

Otis Aintrite
Lansing, Michigan

I love my magic Dunce Cap so much, I bought 5 more for my fellow ditto-heads ~ and one for my brother Kenny! If I knew who sent me this, I’d give him a big hug.

Willie Ghedit
Orlando, Florida

I’ve smashed my FOX coffee mug and am too embarrassed to carry my FOX tote bag in public! Thanks ReGroup Think for the heads up!

Ben Snookered
Rumsunk, New Jersey

Defending the right wing required nothing less than mental gymnastics. I am very weary and welcome the Magic Dunce Cap. I quit smoking two years ago so if I stay the course, I know I can do this too!

Ida Phool
Phoenix, Arizona

Whoever sent me this Dunce Cap is a real pal. I now look at democrats with an open mind, and have reconnected with some really cool friends!

Hans Swoggled
Charleston, South Carolina

My wife and I have shared the Magic Dunce Cap for about a month, and it seems we’re getting invited to more and more parties. I’ve even noticed people have stopped rolling their eyes at our political views! Socializing is so much more fun now!

Fred and Phyllis Inmour
Brooklyn, New York
Anchor Moy
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Re: Magic Dunce Cap

Postby Anchor Moy » Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:06 am

Why has this been parked here? It's quite silly, as in funny...
Certainly only offensive to people who don't like hats ?

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