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Newly arrived

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:07 pm
by episteme
So, it's my second day in Cambodia now, I landed here from Taiwan (and from a trajectory of other different places before that...)
I've been looking forward to relocating in this part of the world for some time, have a girlfriend that's Taiwanese as it so happened along the way (she's not around me now, traveling in Europe with her mom...) and picked Cambodia as, in a way, the most uniquely.... not even sure what's the right word? A friend described it as "like India, but buddhist", think that's an apt observation from what I've seen and experienced so far.

So, I'm looking for work. That might not even necessarily be a paid job with a salary, I wouldn't mind doing some volunteer work either, granted it's of the adequate type. English is not REALLY my native tongue (it's Bulgarian), but funnily enough I'd say my English is better than my Bulgarian - speak and write flawlessly, no accent either. Never bothered to take any such certificates for what I've felt was obvious and easily demonstrated.

I've done a lot of work in the IT industry years back - Linux related, sysadmin work, infosec, etc. (Currently trying to get myself well acquainted with the inside workings and language of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem and it's decentralized applications...)

Have always had a pull towards Philosophy, Literature, the Social Sciences, etc. (sporadic jobs writing here and there as well), and have also done a bit of construction, drilling, etc.

That pretty much sums it up - I've checked whatever resources and information I could find, but thought I'd also make a mention here.
I'm right now in Phnom Penh, but would generally - if possible - prefer to set myself up somewhere Sihanoukville (yes, I know, it's a creepy shit hole I am told, attracting certain types, etc. etc... that aside tho..)

Thanks. :)