Cambodian adoptions: Mother has adopted out 4 kids to UK, Italy, until age 18.

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Cambodian adoptions: Mother has adopted out 4 kids to UK, Italy, until age 18.

Postby CEOCambodiaNews » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:38 pm

There are so many questions raised by this strange tale of 4 "orphans" who were turned over to a Cambodian NGO for care, then adopted by overseas families. According to the mother, she has been expecting regular updates and contact with her children, and she expects them to return to her in Cambodia when they turn 18.
This made the news when the mother lost contact with the NGO and her children, and she made an appeal for help in finding them. All has turned out for the "best", ie. the kids are fine and the mother has regained contact, but is this sort of adoption or fostering a good thing ? These kids have been removed from their country and their culture; will they want to or be able to reintegrate a Cambodian life-style when they reach majority ?

First article - 'Orphans’ return sought' from 3 March 2017:
An impoverished mother, who allowed a non-profit to send her four children to Italy because she couldn’t afford to take care of them, is now pleading with authorities to intervene after losing contact with the kids.

Nine years ago, Kampong Cham resident Uon Nhor, 40, said she and her husband, Met Mao, 48, left their children with the Phnom Penh-based Children and Poor Community Development Organization because their standard of living was so low. Nhor said her salary from working on a rubber plantation wasn’t high enough to provide her kids with an education.

For a year, she visited them in the orphanage and occasionally brought food, she says. But in 2009, the same year Cambodia would put a freeze on international adoptions, the children were sent to Italy for adoption.

According to Nhor, the organisation’s director promised that her children would visit her once a year, and would return home permanently at the age of 18.
Phnom Penh Post archives.

Latest article:
Mum of children adopted abroad in touch with org
Thu, 16 March 2017

An impoverished mother who allowed a non-profit to send her children abroad for adoption and a hoped-for better life was reunited on Tuesday with the organisation responsible for her offspring’s departure. ..
[The director] gave me a document explaining where the children are. Three went to Italy and one went to England,” Nhor said. “I have been away from my children for nine years already . . . I want to hear from them and have a conversation with them once a month on the phone”.

Yuth, the former director of the organisation, said the adoption agreement signed by the Ministry of Social Affairs stipulates that the adoptive parents must provide information about the children to the ministry every six months. ... -touch-org
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