Last call for unregistered SIM cards.

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Re: Last call for unregistered SIM cards.

Postby lurcio » Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:38 am

I had my Metfone SIM turned off a few months ago and had to take my passport to the office to get it turned on again. The stupid thing is that I bought it there originally (albeit many years ago) and had to produce my passport then but they had never bothered to record or 'lost' the info. Also when I check now it is still not registered to me but some random Khmer.

To check Metfone registration call *200# to get into the Registration Menu and option 1 (Search) to check recorded info for your SIM.

My Smart SIM is in my GF's name and I was sent an SMS to go to the office to verify the recorded name. I took my passport and explained that she had bought 2 SIMs with one digit difference and they said they couldn't change it from her name but that it was alright and it wouldn't be turned off.

To register your Smart SIM online go to and follow the instructions.
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Re: Last call for unregistered SIM cards.

Postby Bertros » Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:06 pm

lurcio wrote:I .

To register your Smart SIM online go to and follow the instructions.
just checked my number with the smart link here (thx!). worked great and had it registered under my name. I guess I reg.d it when I got the sim card. they took my ID when I bought it (passport card, not passport) and entered what they needed to. I got the SIM when I arrived at airport in aug. nice to see system works! BTW, ignore the note about adding +855 or 010 to your number. I just added a 0 (zero) then the number proper to get it to work.


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Re: Last call for unregistered SIM cards.

Postby kiwiincambodia » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:14 am

Two Months On, SIM Card Crackdown Fizzles

by Aisha Down and Khy Sovuthy | January 5, 2017

Citing threats to security and the potential for terrorism, the government pledged to ensure that every active mobile phone SIM card in the country was registered by the end of October last year.

Yet it took a reporter all of 30 minutes on Wednesday to buy $2 unregistered SIM cards from all three major providers. Two out of three—Smart and Metfone—were easily activated and used to make calls

“Just put a dollar on the phone and you can call anyone,” said a man in a pink shirt selling secondhand mobile phones out of a glass cabinet north of Wat Phnom.

The man, who said he had about 20 to 30 customers a month, only had Cellcard SIMs available as he’d run out of the others, he said. The card brought up the message “SIM registration fail” when put in a phone.

A purveyor of used watches near the riverside said, without looking up from his cart, that he hustled both Metfone and Smart unregistered sims. ... es-122987/
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